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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is VP Wedding Planner?

VP Wedding Planner is the one tool no bride should be without when planning her wedding. It’s common for brides to not only underestimate the amount of preparation required to host a wedding, but also to underestimate what everything will cost. These oversights can make you stressed out and frazzled, piling on crushing credit card debt because of lack of preparation. VP Wedding Planner was created to help you create a better, more enjoyable wedding planning journey.

VP Wedding Planner can help you feel in control in stressful situations by providing a fully functional and customizable wedding planner in your pocket. Our calendar lays out your timeline to stay on top of completing tasks and booking suppliers based on the date of your wedding. Our system allows you to see at a glance which tasks are overdue and which tasks still have some time.

VP Wedding Planner provides our brides with industry suggestions for how much of your budget could be spent in each category. Using those suggestions as a guideline, you can see how your budget needs to work to cover each item from the venue, to the meal, to your dress, the DJ…. right down to the boutonnieres. Then you can manually adjust each item to allocate your budget to areas you think are most important.

Booking your suppliers is a piece of cake with VP Wedding Planner. You’ll have access to 100’s of wedding suppliers right within our system where you can contact them with a click, add them to your shortlist with another click, and then mark them booked in your calendar with one final click. The booking is added directly to your budget for easy tracking. A notes section allows you to enter any details or reminders you may want for yourself. (Stay tuned for phase 2, where you can assign tasks to your wedding party and send reminders straight from your checklist!)

As much as a bride might want to DIY, it’s always nice to have the support and advice of a professional. This is why VP Wedding Planner also provides a weekly online group coaching session with a local wedding planner via video chat. Get your questions answered live or watch the recording on your own time. Learn questions you didn’t even know to ask from other brides. You get the best of both worlds with VP Wedding Planner.

In between calls, VP Wedding Planner serves brides wanting to do their own research. The online planner has links to hundreds of wedding articles giving advice and suggestions for absolutely every aspect of your wedding.

The VP Wedding Planner also wants our brides to SAVE MONEY. In addition to all our tools and resources, we also give our brides access to exclusive coupons from local vendors. These savings are not offered anywhere else.

And why buy new, when you can save hundreds buying “nearly new?” Only VP Wedding Planner brides gets access to our exclusive, regional “Buy/Sell/Trade” Facebook page. Here’s where you can pick up that one-of-a-kind item for your wedding for pennies on the dollar. And here’s where you can sell your own “one-of-a-kind” items after you get back to reality and need to replenish your bank account.

How much does the VP Wedding Planner cost?

The Diamond VP Wedding Planner is currently sale priced at only $149. A one-time cost for membership.

The Diamond membership gives you full access to EVERYTHING VP Wedding Planner offers: the Checklist Calendar, the Budget Planner, our weekly online Wedding Planner Live Hangout Q&A, the Facebook “Buy/Sell/Trade” page, access to our complete supplier directory, shortlist tracking, the exclusive supplier coupons and resource articles to help plan your dream wedding.

Just one hour of a wedding planner’s time would cost you $150 or more outside of VP Wedding Planner. You get a virtual wedding planner for less to take you through the entire process. Utilizing one of our vendor coupons will most likely save you in excess of $150, offsetting the cost of membership.

For brides who don’t require access to a live wedding planner, and aren’t interested in VP Wedding Planner money-saving coupons, we also offer FREE membership.

The free Basic VP Wedding Planner membership has everything you get in the Diamond membership, with the exception of the weekly Wedding Planner Live Hangout Q&A and the exclusive money-saving coupons. Basic members can still access the full functionality of the Checklist, Budget, the regional Facebook “Buy/Sell/Trade” page, access to our complete supplier directory, shortlist tracking, and resource articles.

Can I access the VP Wedding Planner from my smart phone?

Yes, VP Wedding Planner is 100% mobile responsive. You can bring your planner with you when shopping for your venue, fitting your dress, tasting cakes… You can shortlist the vendors you like and make notes for future reference.

Once you get back to your home or office, open up your planner on your desktop or laptop and organize all your planning on a big screen. There’s no app to sync. It’s all synced all the time.

Is there an app I need to download to access VP Wedding Planner?

There are no apps to download to access VP Wedding Planner. All you need is a smart phone, tablet or computer with internet access or a cellular data plan and your VP Wedding Planner account is accessible from any device after login.

How do I find and save suppliers I’m interested in?

We currently have 14 wedding categories to browse through. Read through all the profiles in each category and when you see one that interests you, the supplier’s contact information is right there for easy communication to request more information or to customize your own inquiry.

Shortlist the suppliers you like. Add notes. And once you book your supplier, check it off as “Booked” in the system to have that task removed from your “To Do” checklist and added to your budget.

Can I book vendors and suppliers within VP Wedding Planner?

The VP Wedding Planner serves as a gateway to all your region’s local vendors and suppliers. You can communicate with your vendors to start the booking process, but be advised, your supplier is not confirmed until you receive written confirmation directly from them.

Will the vendor list be full of suppliers 100’s of miles from my wedding?

The VP Wedding Planner is a LOCAL service. If you’re getting married in south Texas, you’ll only see suppliers within your region. You won’t see postings from California or New York.

How do I access the Live Hangout Q&A with the real wedding planner?

You must be a Diamond member to get access to the Live Hangout Q&A’s. To upgrade, email hello@vpweddingplanner.com.

The Live Hangout Q&A’s are accessible from your regional Buy/Sell/Trade facebook page. For South Texas brides, click here (https://www.facebook.com/South-Texas-VP-Wedding-Planner-313212959101095/).

1. Go to your regional facebook page
2. Click on the “Live Hangout Q&A” link in the navigation list on the left side of the page
3. Login in the video window
4. After you login, the video will appear
5. Problems, email hello@vpweddingplanner.com

What if I can’t attend the online Wedding Planner Live Hangout Q&A?

One of the cool things about the Live Hangout Q&A with our professional wedding planner is that we host the chats right within your Facebook account. You can attend this group coaching session from your computer at home, or anywhere from your smartphone or tablet.

If you can’t make the live chat, all sessions are recorded and archived and available to all Diamond VP Wedding Planner members for later viewing.

If you can’t attend, but still have a question, we have that covered too!

Leave your question in the Facebook comments section below the video on the Hangout page prior to the session and our Wedding Planner will answer all those questions during the Hangout.